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Hi, I’m Chris.

I am an award-winning early career scholar specializing in American cancer rhetoric. 


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Mythologizing Madiba: Myth, Resistance, and the Globalized Post-Presidency in Barack Obama's Nelson Mandela Lecture Series Address. Howard Journal of Communications.

Instructor of Communication

Georgia State University

Courses Taught:
Communication & Diversity
Rhetorical Theory & Criticism
Media, Culture, and Society
Human Communication
Introduction to Mass Communication


In my dissertation, I contend that American cancer rhetoric is an expansive multimodal rhetorical formation that functions through constitutive means to create a veil of unity, a fabled and romanticized cancer community, that obfuscates, erases, silences, and justifies the disparities in cancer care wrought by capitalism.


Robert Bostrom Young Scholar Award

Awarded at the 2019 Southern States Communication Association Conference for the “most outstanding paper submitted to the conference by a graduate student.”


Ph.D.|Georgia State University

M.A.|Texas State University

B.A.|DePaul University


(April 2023). The Inglorious MTG and the Manufactured Reaction to CRT. Presented for the "Free Speech Battles Across the South" Panel at the Southern States Communication Association Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida

(Nov 2022).“Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?” The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as a Constructed Site of (Artificial) Collective Memory, Identity, and Resistance. Paper (co-authored with Virginia Massignan) presented at the National Communication Association Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana



How Can I Help You?

With the rigor, quality, and creativity of an award-winning, peer-reviewed scholar, I can provide you, your business, or your campaign with the solutions to your communication-based needs, including:

  • Message Development for Fundraising, Awareness, Persuasion, and Advocacy

  • Speech & Advertisement Writing

  • Traditional and/or Digital Media Strategy

  • Transforming Your Existing Communication Strategy/Vision into Specific and Attainable Media Goals

  • Audience Analysis 

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